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The Carnot Efficient Resources Fund is an impact investment fund. It invests globally in listed companies with resource-saving products and technologies. Liquid shares of established companies are selected based on an attractiveness ranking. The ranking includes valuation and quality criteria with return on capital employed (ROCE) as a key metric.

Natural resources are currently being exploited and depleted to an extent that cannot be sustained in the longer term. The consequences of overuse are scarcity, high prices and severe environmental damages. Products and technologies to alleviate these problems exist and have excellent growth prospects.

Target sectors

We organize the target sectors along the four-element theory of antiquity, according to which the world consists of the four basic elements of fire, water, earth, and air.

01 Fire (Energy)
  • Building technology: Heating, cooling automation
  • Industry: Industry 4.0, smart grid, power electronics
  • Transport: E-mobility, rail transport
  • Renewables: Solar, wind, bio-energy, bioplastics
02 Water
  • Drinking water: Treatment, desalination, supply
  • Wastewater: Drainage, purification
  • Irrigation: Infrastructure
03 Earth
  • Farmland, marine: Crop protection, nutrients, fish farming
  • Food: Feed preservation, packaging
  • Mineral resources: Recycling
04 Air
  • Exhaust gases: Catalytic converters, flue gas scrubbers, filters
  • Fuels: Low-pollution fuels and combustibles