Organized and hosted by Swiss Sustainable Finance and Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA). Attendees will receive an overview of the recently launched ENCORE tool (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure), which aims to help financial institutions understand and assess their exposure to natural capital risks.

Dominique Sekyra published an overview of the investment process of the Carnot Efficienct Resources (CER) fund on LinkedIn.

Carnot Capital published it's latest monthly commentary, which can be viewed here.

Carnot Capital published it's latest monthly commentary, which can be viewed here.

Available in English here: Report

Available in German here: Report

Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) strengthens the position of Switzerland in the global marketplace for sustainable finance. As a member of SFF, Carnot benefits from a broad network, participations in events and active contribution to the regulatory framework concerning sustainable finance. Carnot's profile can be viewed here.

Dominique Sekyra published an Artikle on LinkedIn about power-to-gas and the use case of gas powered combustion engines, which can be viewed here.

We are happy to announce that the latest monthly factsheets and commentaries have been published on our website. Please feel free to view these here: 

Carnot Efficient Energy (CEE)

Carnot Efficient Resources (CER)


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