A special thank you to Markus Schürch of Belimo for presenting at Carnot Capital AG’s impact event. Great to see that Belimo’s HVAC products can save 24x the CO2 it takes to use them. Selling 6.7m drives in 2018 then equates to saving 6.9m tons of CO2 over the product lifecycle. Now that’s customer value!

In cooperation with Belimo, Carnot Capital published an Impact Case Study. The focus is on the tangible effects triggered by the Carnot investment process: Which areas are affected by the funds? Where do the portfolio
companies achieve tangible improvements and reduce energy and resource consumption?

Asset manager Schroders acquires a majority stake in our strategic shareholder BlueOrchard. We congratulate BlueOrchard on this partnership, which represents an important and major step in the growth strategy. The press release and articles can be found here: 

Carnot Capital AG's Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager, Rolf Helbling, joined the panel at the launch event of Swiss Sustainable Finance's Investment Market Study 2019. The panelists explained their individual approaches including ESG integration, ESG engagement or thematic funds, and debated how these approaches have an impact in the real economy.

The Swiss Sustainable Finance Investment Market Study can be found here.

We held a panel discussion where the entrepreneurial, scientific and financial perspectives on energy and resource efficiency were examined. Thank you TOMRA Systems ASA's Dr. Volker Rehrmann, ETH Zurich's Tobias Schmidt and our own Dr. Andreas Walther for taking part and thank you Volker Varnholt for moderating the panel. It was a pleasure to learn more about sustainability as a business model and which possibilities or 'levers' are available to achieve the big goals in climate policy as well as which tasks the financial sector has as it must finance the upcoming investments.

Organized and hosted by Swiss Sustainable Finance and Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA). Attendees will receive an overview of the recently launched ENCORE tool (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure), which aims to help financial institutions understand and assess their exposure to natural capital risks.

Dominique Sekyra published an overview of the investment process of the Carnot Efficienct Resources (CER) fund on LinkedIn.

Carnot Capital published it's latest monthly commentary, which can be viewed here.


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