Carnot Contributes to Swiss Sustainable Finance Report

Financing the Low Carbon Economy

We are proud of our co-founder and PM Rolf Helbling's contribution to the latest Swiss Sustainable Finance report on Financing the Low-Carbon Economy. Rolf's case study on Financing Alternative Mobility Concepts with Public Equity can be found on page 18 of the report.

Thematic investing in environmental strategies

In the set of instruments to finance the transition to a low-carbon economy, thematic equity funds are one of the most accessible vehi-cles for investors. Thematic investment strategies with a focus on the energy transition, targeting areas such as renewable energy or energy efficiency, have seen growing interest in recent years. We define thematic investing as an approach that a) focuses on pockets of the global economy underpinned by structural growth over the long term, b) prefers companies that exhibit a high degree of spe-cialisation in the targeted area, c) practises an unconstrained invest-ment style without a link to traditional benchmarks. Because of the focus on companies whose goods and services provide solutions to specific challenges and needs, the thematic approach is perceived as very tangible by investors and can be viewed as the closest substi-tute to private-market impact investments when it comes to provid-ing funds for low-carbon economy solutions, while remaining within listed markets.

The Swiss Sustainable Finance Report is available here or on SSF's website directly.



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