Vontobel and Carnot Capital AG launch the Vontobel Circular World Index together.

It’s no longer a secret: The mountains of waste are becoming larger and larger, while space on earth is becoming increasingly scarce. Calls for the sustainable use of natural resources are getting louder, as overexploitation and waste disposal are causing environmental and health problems. Burning refuse, for example, leads to harmful gases and toxic slag, which the planet, and humanity, will not be able to endure in the long run.

The Index reflects the performance of a virtual investment managed on the basis of a Strategy. This Strategy is determined by the Index Sponsor and the Index Sponsor is solely responsible for it. The Index Calculation Agent neither advises nor assists the Index Sponsor in connection with the preparation or implementation of the Strategy. The Circular World Index includes shares of companies with products and technologies that enable and promote the reuse of natural resources in order to combat climate change. Among the natural resources considered are primarily water, metals, pulp, oil, gas and agricultural land. The Index includes technologies and topics such as wastewater treatment, seawater desalination, collection/sorting/recycling technology, sharing economy, bioplastics, renewable energy, soil decontamination, agricultural land management, food preservation, plant breeding and fishing. The Index contains shares of at least 20% North American and at least 20% European companies. However, the Index may contain up to 20% shares from non-OECD countries. Important criteria for the selection of shares are a good trading liquidity as well as fundamental analysis of the respective companies. Foreign currency risks are not hedged.

Further information on the index and the corresponding actively managed certificates are available on investerest.com




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