Sustainable Investing in Switzerland

Sustainably managed assets in Switzerland grew strongly. Within the space of a year, the volume rose by around CHF 500 billion to CHF 1,260 billion (+62%). This is the result of an annual study by Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF), Switzerland’s leading body on sustainable finance. CHF 470 billion, or 38% of all fund assets, are invested in sustainable investment funds. The classification is based on a self-assessment by the asset managers, who also indicate which sustainability approach they use to manage the assets. The integration of ESG information is mentioned most frequently, followed by the application of exclusion criteria.

Tailwinds for Our Portfolio Companies!

The latest EU recovery plan is a "green" one. Fairly grandiose in nature, many areas should provide significant tailwinds for many of our portfolio companies. We go into depth on these tailwinds and discuss, which specific themes are covered by our approach and where we see key opportunities for investors.

Circular World Index - For the sparing use of valuable resources

Our consumer society is not very sustainable. The consumption of resources is immense. Many people have realised that something has to change and that the transition to a circular economy should be completed as quickly as possible. The investment community has also long since recognized the opportunities of such a change. One result of this recognition is the Vontobel Circular World Index.

New article on the Circular World Index. Andres Gujan speaks about the problem of scrap batteries and where we see opportunities.

Powered by renewable electricity, electric cars are slowly beginning to replace their non-electric counterparts. But can be done about the avalanche of old batteries that this will inevitably cause? Companies in the Circular World Index can provide answers.

Andres Gujan and Dominique Sekyra appear on the Impact Leaders Podcast

Episode #27 of the Impact Leaders Podcast is a panel conversation with our very own Andres Gujan and Dominique Sekyra. The topic... "Combining good with the usefull: impact investing in energy & resource efficiency.

The podcast can be listended to and shared here.

Vontobel and Carnot Capital AG launch the Vontobel Circular World Index together.

It’s no longer a secret: The mountains of waste are becoming larger and larger, while space on earth is becoming increasingly scarce. Calls for the sustainable use of natural resources are getting louder, as overexploitation and waste disposal are causing environmental and health problems. Burning refuse, for example, leads to harmful gases and toxic slag, which the planet, and humanity, will not be able to endure in the long run.

The most important findings in a nutshell:

A special thank you to Markus Schürch of Belimo for presenting at Carnot Capital AG’s impact event. Great to see that Belimo’s HVAC products can save 24x the CO2 it takes to use them. Selling 6.7m drives in 2018 then equates to saving 6.9m tons of CO2 over the product lifecycle. Now that’s customer value!

In cooperation with Belimo, Carnot Capital published an Impact Case Study. The focus is on the tangible effects triggered by the Carnot investment process: Which areas are affected by the funds? Where do the portfolio
companies achieve tangible improvements and reduce energy and resource consumption?


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