Target Sectors

Target Sectors

In the outline of the target sectors we adhere to the ancient four-elements-theory, according to which the world is composed of the four basic elements fire, water, earth and air. The element fire corresponds to the portfolio segment «energy», the element water to the subject of «drinking water» and the element earth is allocated to the subject agribusiness, food and recycling of mineral resources. Also the  fishing industry belongs to earth, because it’s about the resource “fishing grounds”. The resource «clean air» is protected by technologies that purify exhausting gases or fuels, which strain the air with less pollutants.

Target Sectors

Fire (Energy)

Building Technology: Insulation, Heating, Cooling, Lightning

Industrials: Engines, Power Electronics, Process Technology

Transport: Train Technology, Auto Technology

Target Sectors


Drinking Water: Preparation, Desalination, Supply

Sewage Water: Drainage, Cleaning

Irrigation: Infrastructure

Target Sectors

Earth (Ground)

Agricultural Land, Oceans: Plant Protection, Nutrients, Fishing Industry

Food: Feed Preservation, Packaging

Mineral Resources: Infrastructure

Target Sectors

 Air (Clean Air)

Waste Gases: Catalysts, Flue Gas Scrubbing, Filtering

Fuel Cells: Low-Emission Fuel