Target Sectors

Target Sectors

Energy can be saved, where it is consumed. The global energy consumption is divided about equally among buildings, industry and transportation. That's why we divide the Portfolio into these three segments.



Building Technology

The potential to reduce energy consumption in the building stock is enormous. Over the last 40-50 years, the energy consumption of a newly constructed building could be reduced by over 80% while increasing comfort! This achievement was possible through the use of established products and technologies in the following areas: 

  • - Thermal insulation, including windows and doors 
  • - Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • - LED lamps
  • - Building automation 

The big potential is in the existing building stock. Rising energy consts and stricter legal construction standards make the building renovation to the key market of energy efficiency.




Many industrial processes consume large amounts of energy, due to a production running around the clock. With rising energy and commodity prices, investments in more efficient and more expensive production equipment offer good returns. The savings over the life cycle exceed the additional investment often by several times. The following topics represent our focus:

  • - Engines, motors, pumps 
  • - Controls,  automation, engineering
  • - Power plant technology 

Consumer standards are also very important in the industrial technology. The European eco-design guidelines are representative for the increasing global requirements.




One third of worldwide energy consumption is used for freight and passenger transportation. Here again, the Emission Standards are tightened continuously wold-wide. Key to success are better Propulsion Technology and reduced vehicle weight. The following issues are interesting for us:

  • - Use of plastics as a metal substitute
  • - Combustion engines and transmissions with higher efficiency
  • - Electric mobility
  • - Railway technology