Investment Case 

Investment Case

Energy consumption rises, driven by economic growth and increasing prosperity in growth markets. To ensure adequate energy supply, there are two approaches: Producing more energy or using the existing energy more efficiently. «Old» carriers of energy such as gas or coal are available in large quantities, but cause undesirable CO2 emissions. New sources such as wind or solar are also sufficiently available, but they are expensive and are subject to uncontrollable fluctuations.

The most useful and most environmentally friendly approach is using the existing energy more efficiently. The major trumps of this strategy are that it can be implemented with already established technologies and that it is cheaper than the alternatives. Therefore energy efficiency is a promising investment case for investors.

Investment Case

Building Technology: LED lamps with occupancy halve the power consumption of Illumination and are usually amortized within less than 3 years.

Industrial: Frequency transformer reduce power consumption of pumps, compressors etc. usually at least 30%.

Transport: Weight savings through metal replacement and optimized power trains will reduce the fuel consumption of automobiles by about 25% in the next five years.

Even in global politics clean and efficient energy gets higher priority. This was confirmed by the UN Climate Change Conference in December 2015. The boost comes not that much from the treaty, but rather by the pressure of the population on the governments to take action against global warming.


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