Carnot Efficient Energy

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Carnot Efficient Energy



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The Carnot Efficient Energy Fund is an impact investment fund pursuant to Article 9 of the SFDR. It engages in listed European companies with energy-saving products and technologies. The selection follows a quality approach seeking well established companies with a solid balance sheet and a high return on capital employed (ROCE).

Investing in Energy efficiency has great growth perspectives. Not only is it the most environmentally friendly contribution to the energy transition, it also increases energy independence and saves costs.

Target sectors

Energy efficiency starts where the energy is needed: In buildings, in industry and in the transport sector.

01 Building technology

The building stock accounts for no less than 40% of energy consumption. The renovation market will therefore grow strongly on the way to climate neutrality. Attractive product segments include:

  • Heat pumps
  • Intelligent ventilation
  • Smart building technology
  • Engineering
02 Industry

Industrial processes often run around the clock and consume correspondingly large amounts of energy. Therefore, energy-saving technologies often amortize within a short time. We like:

  • Industry 4.0 (controllers, software, sensors)
  • Smart grid (management, power storage)
  • Power generation technology
  • Hydrogen infrastructure
03 Transport

One third of energy consumption is accounted for by the transport of goods and people. Here, too, clean technologies are enforced. The following topics offer interesting investments:

  • Lightweight technology
  • E-mobility
  • Rail transport